Draw back your bow…

Yeah, Cupid. I’m talking to you.

Here it is. The Big Day of Love.

A special Valentine’s Day shout out to our U.S., Canadian and Allied troops deployed across the globe. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.

I’m reprising one of my favorite V-Day posts here today. It’s from 2008. I’m still wondering about this boy and this girl. Do they have a date tonight? Have they moved on to other Valentines?

Not smarter than an eleventh grader…

We went to our favorite watering hole to grab a bite of dinner this evening. Walked in the door and found pink and red balloons tied to chairs and a big basket of flowers at the reservation counter. Not the usual watering-hole decor. Yes. Valentine’s Day. But we weren’t celebrating over dinner — just having a meal in our neighborhood pub. I breezed up to the staff and asked for a table for two.

“Do you have reservations?”

Reservations? This is a pub in the burbs. Pretty decent food. But…. No. Nada. No reservations.

We needed to wait while staff conferred.

Another couple came in. No reservations. Waiting.

A third couple came in. No reservations. Waiting.

As we lined the entry — like so many wallflowers — waiting for the conferring to finish, in walks a lanky 16-year-old who will eventually grow into his hands and feet. He strides up to the counter with his young valentine in tow and clears his throat. “I have a reservation.”

The hostess cracks a big smile. “Your name?”

The grown-up wallflowers — we all look like Bambi caught in the headlights. The sweetie and I disappeared into the night to find another spot to dine — praying it wasn’t going to be anything with an arch or staff in headphones.

That’s why I are not smarter than an eleventh grader. Ouch!

Hey. Hey. Hey.

p.s. Elen hopes it was a special evening for he and she who had reservations!

Wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day. May you be spending it with someone you love.


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