March TBR revealed…Atlantis Rising

The third Wednesday has rolled around and it’s time for my March pick for TBR Challenge 2011, hosted by @SuperWendy, currently also known as Romance Writers of America’s 2011 Librarian of the Year. Congratulations, Wendy! Wendy blogs The Misadventures of… SUPER LIBRARIAN here. You’ll find my January pick here, the February pick here.

The theme suggestion for March — New-To-You Author

I seem to be reading lots of those this year. Living on the reading edge.

But for March, wedged in between the Ides and St. Patrick’s Day, I chose…

Warriors of Poseidon — Book 1 — Berkley Sensation
March, 2007 — ISBN: 0425214494

Beautiful social worker Riley Dawson comes closer to understanding her intense connection to the ocean when she meets a handsome stranger on the shores of Virginia Beach. He’s arrived, reborn from the fathoms below, to fulfill an ancient mission for the God Poseidon and–with Riley–experience the pleasures of human desire. (From

Product Description ~

Eleven thousand years ago, before the seas swallowed the Atlanteans, Poseidon assigned a few chosen warriors to act as sentinels for humans in the new world. There was only one rule-desiring them was forbidden. But rules were made to be broken…

When she calls… Riley Dawson is more than a dedicated Virginia Beach social worker. She’s blessed with a mind link that only Atlanteans have been able to access for thousands of years. Being an “empath” may explain her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the ocean, the sanctuary it provides, and the sexual urges that seem to emanate from fathoms below…

He will come. Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, has surfaced on a mission to retrieve Poseidon’s stolen trident. Yet something else has possessed Conlan: the intimate emotions-and desires-of a human. Irresistibly drawn to the uncanny beauty, Conlan soon shares more than his mind. But in the midst of a battle to reclaim Poseidon’s power, how long can a forbidden love last between two different souls from two different worlds? (From

I bought the Kindle edition from, so it hasn’t been in my TBR pile for long.

Atlantean warriors, vampires, shapeshifters, gods and goddesses, and humankind…. oh, my.

Remember the song, When a Man Loves a Woman? Forget it. This is all When an Atlantean Warrior Loves a Woman. Somebody should write that song.

This story has a part urban fantasy, part paranormal romance feel to me with a whole lot of sizzle (the hallmark of a Berkley Sensation) thrown in.

I confess it. I bought the book for its cover. Don’t judge me. Well, not its cover. The cover from Alyssa Day’s upcoming release in the Poseidon Warrior series — Vampire in Atlantis — came across my radar, and I found myself clicking through Google, first to Day’s website, and then beyond to get the first of the series. Yes! Covers sell books, along with back cover blurbs…

What I loved about this book ~

The world-building — Day does a wonderful job of creating a modern day Atlantis existing in a contemporary world populated with vampires and shapeshifters and humans with extras.

Strong characters — The men are strong. The women are just as strong. The hero and heroine are definitely a match for each other. The secondary characters, even the ones you love to hate, completely support the primary plot.

Thrills and chills — Day puts plenty of bears in the canoe. Obstacles. Tension. Good pacing.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle — What’s not to love about that?

Satisfying ending — In a book I love, this is required.

What I loved not so much about this book ~

This is a very minor issue, but it was an issue for me. I stumbled over some of the names of people/places/things. It was just a bit distracting, pulling me out of the story for the moment.

I also didn’t love that Berkley didn’t include the beautiful cover with the Kindle edition.

I love a story where the hero and heroine have so much to overcome, internally and externally, to find their way to each other that you are on the edge of your seat. I love a story where the battle rages from within and without.

This is that story.


Note: I am continuing to read the series and Day continues to deliver strong, yet vulnerable characters, rising tension and good pacing.

2 thoughts on “March TBR revealed…Atlantis Rising

  1. Elen – I love Alyssa Day’s voice. I’ve read her in all of her incarnations. At first Atlantis Rising was so much darker than her other stuff that I was hesitant but now I find myself searching the seas for my own Atlantean Warrior.


    • They age well, don’t they? 😉 Yes, they are a bit dark, but filled with such hope. Great voice. Obviously, I haven’t read her other works, which is not to say I won’t be in the future. I am enjoying discovering new authors.


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