Friday Night Special…

WebDonuts Comics - The Kids Menu

I hate to say it, but this looks like a definite possibility for our house tonight. Do you think that would go well with Guinness?

I love me some Mike Gruhn. Find his webcomics here at WebDonuts.

We’re sprouting link love on the blog today. No foolin’!

Finds on the Feed:

For Writers — @ veschwab On Writer Panic and Really Small Rooms. I love this author’s vlogs, and I can’t wait for her debut YA novel, The Near Witch, to come out. Yes, writing is hard.

For Social Media Lovers — from the Girlfriends Book Club blog: Dear Social Media by Ellen Meister. I totally identified with Meister on this, and I love her humor.

For Peeps Lovers@ steamykitchen Easter Peeps S’mores. Peeps AND S’mores people. Have mercy! Jaden Hair is fast becoming one of my fave food bloggers.

TGIF, baby!