Swings or slide?…

I’ve never used a writing prompt for this blog, from the first post to this post. Never. Never. Ever.

Until today.

Today, we were in a wind warning for all of the morning and part of the afternoon. But let’s back up.

After sleeping the sleep of the dead for eleven hours, I woke up this morning to the sun shining, and the birds twittering, and the Golden Pup snoring, and Mr. G honey clanging and banging in the kitchen. The sun and the twittering and the snoring and the clanging and the banging caused me to leap out of bed with joy in my heart and head for the shower.

Elen doing gusto.

By the time I had hosed down, washed the blonde locks, wiped and tidied the bathroom, and banged open the door with another pump of joy in my heart, it was darksome, and rain was lashing the windows, and the Golden Pup was panting and pacing, and Mr. G honey was sailing out the door shouting goodbye.

The body slumped, and the brain went unh.

I flipped on the coffeemaker and fired up the weather channel. I sipped some much needed decaffeine, and my heart went out to Alabama as I watched the devastation from yesterday’s tornadoes. Mama Weather has sure been acting like a super power for the dark side.

Then came the wind warning, closely followed by the wind. They weren’t kidding. It was garbage day on our street. I stood and watched garbage and containers sail down the street. We lost our blue bins and three fence boards in the backyard.

My brains went sailing down the street right along with the debris. It would seem.

So. I’m three days away from finishing up NaBloPoMo for April. Three days. Writing prompts have always been available, but they’re optional, and I have never used them. But I do read them. This one for Wednesday the 27th caught my eye:

Which piece of playground equipment would you go to first as a child — the slides or the swings?

It made me grin. Big. It made me think back to my playground stomping days.

Swings — Yes!

No, wait. Slide — Yes!

No, swings!

Wait. No, slide!

Truth be told, this was my playground thrill of choice:

I loved the dizzies.

Now, you? Go.


4 thoughts on “Swings or slide?…

  1. In that wind, swings were definitely not an option. But they were always my favourite. I pumped my little legs as hard as they’d go so that I could reach up and touch the sky.


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