Finds on the Feed, and go love your mamas…

I ate the guacamole. I ate the Chicken Enchiladas Suiza. I ate the rice and the refried beans. I drank the Corona. I might have eaten Cinco de Mayo, too.

As penance, today I’m in the front garden. Pulling the dandelions. Raking the lawn. Moving the periwinkles. Measuring and marking where I want the Brussels Block patio, the river rock, the gravel, a big rock or three, and the flower beds for when I confer with the landscaper next week. It’s not really much of a penance. I love doing all of those things, and I might burn a calorie.

We’re sprouting link love on the blog today. No foolin’!

Finds on the Feed:

For Mothers and other readers — @ SandyCoughlinRE. Mother’s Day and Please Pass the Burned Biscuits. RE, short for Reluctant Entertainer, which I am. I just love her. You’ll love her, too.

For Mothers and other readers — @ steamykitchen. Interview with Christy Turlington Burns. “No Woman No Cry — A woman dies every 90 seconds from pregnancy and childbirth complications…

For Mothers and other readers — @ thepioneerwoman. Web Deliciousness: Cinco de Mayo. Yes, C de M was yesterday. But if you love your mama, consider whipping up some of this glory on Sunday. Mercy!

See a pattern here today? Yes. Go love your mamas. Go love your mamas-in-waiting. Go love all those wonderful women AND men who have been like a mama to you.

TGIF, baby!