In other words, no mo’ grass…

What am I doing, you ask?

Okay. You’re probably not asking that, but I have an answer anyway.

There has been almost no time for texting, tweeting, posting, Facebook-ing or Skype-ing over the past week, because all of my free time has been spent moving my beloved plants from the front garden to any, ANY spot in the back garden so that the landscaper can come and remove an 8″ depth of grass and soil from the front yard. Men with tools and machinery are required, which is why I’m not doing it. I don’t have machinery.

A Bobcat will be involved.

I hope it looks just like this. I hope it has big wheels. I hope they let me drive it. What are the chances? Yep. That’s what I think, too.

I expect R2D2 to hop out at any moment.

Note to self: Remember to take “before” pictures….not just “after” pictures. I always forget the befores.

The new Brussels Block tumbled paver porch and stairs were put in last November. I wrote about it and posted pics here.

Now comes a little 48 square foot, tumbled paver patio and a low maintenance, low water front yard comprised of gravels and river rock and plant beds that aren’t real thirsty drinkers. In other words, no mo’ grass.

The landscaper was here last Tuesday conferring on Phase II with the lady from Pluto — that would be me. Yes, I know what he’s thinking. I can read his mind.

I digress.

If it ever stops raining, we’ll be birthing a spiffy new patio in the first week of June. That’s the anticipated due date. But before that, men with tools and machinery must do their thing. And before that, I and my little wheelbarrow and tools and gum boots must clear anything I don’t want mowed down by said men with tools and machinery.

And that is why there has been no very little time for texting, tweeting, posting, Facebook-ing or Skype-ing over the past week.

The end.


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