Green and leafy…

Cable Guy came on Saturday. He was impressed that I had no lawn. He was impressed that I had just a blanket of brown dirt. He was really impressed with my lawn ornament.

What was left of my cable after it was sliced and diced.
I was really impressed with his red truck.

30 minutes later, and I was back on the interwaves. Thank you, Cable Guy.

Mr. G honey, aka Pneumonia Boy, hied off to the office today, leaving me with nothing but a cough and a crumpled pack of Fisherman’s Friend. Don’t waste time. Click right over and see Sucking on a Fisherman’s Friend.

He was pulling out all the stops. Going for a full day. Feeling the burn. I think he’s sprawled out in the den snoring as we speak.

Due to some sort of cosmic hiccup, Landscaper Crew were unable to attend upon my front garden today. I had exactly two emotions about this. Happy, because I was a few brain cells short from coughing them up all night. Deranged, because I hauled myself out of slumber extra early in order to shower, dress and slap on mascara before the landscaping hour, which starts extra early in these parts. All I could think was I shaved my legs for nothing!!!

Note to self: Keep up with the laundry — even if you’re dying — so you don’t get caught with nothing but your cropped pants.

I consoled myself wandering the back garden, admiring the green and leafy. There’s a lot of green and leafy out there, some color and sparkly stuff too.

I clipped some of this from my container garden. It was an experiment to see if, and how well, I could grow it.

Isn’t this spinach gorgeous?

This is your close up of the green and leafy.

This is your aerial shot. I love this little plate. I inherited six of them and use them most often for a salad or dessert.

Next year, I need to plant tons more. Tons. I love spinach. There is enough to throw in a salad here, but if I wilted it, it would render about a tablespoon. I’m seriously thinking of chocking it in my fruit smoothie. Yum.

Looking forward to all the possibilities this week. How about you?

Hello, Monday!

4 thoughts on “Green and leafy…

    • I emailed the master gardener at Stokes Seeds — You know Stokes, right? — and they said that spinach was suitable for container gardening. However, it likes cooler temps — April/May/June. They recommended this seed for the home gardener — 290 Longstanding Bloomsdale. It is untreated. Yay! However, with our crap weather this spring, I ended up buying 3 plants from the nursery, which just identified them as spinach. Next year, I hope to try the seed and start earlier. I keep my container in a sheltered spot that gets morning sun. I’m going bigger next year. 😀

      Actually, it was fine in the smoothie. Not a strong spinach taste. I’m clipping off three little plants, so there is not enough for salad or wilting, but you could put it right on a sandwich, which I do as well.

      There used to be a Stokes Seeds in your neck of the planet. If not, you can order online.

      Disclaimer: I gain nothing from Stokes by putting this link here. They don’t even know I’m doing it. The end.


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