my kingdom for a title…

I’m seriously flawed when it comes to post titles. They rarely flow off the tip of my brain.

My albatross.

My bane.

Movin’ on.

The first Sunday of October, and I was abed until 10:30. Yes! In the a.m. A total sleep ‘ho. I blame my sleep ‘ho-ing ways on Toronto’s nuit blanche, which I will post about later this week. At that, it was still only 41 Fahren when I got up, and I could smell BACON!

Every time I write the word BACON!, I have to do it in caps with an exclamation point. My sister and I have agreed. It’s a sister thing. And a BACON! thing.

I smelled the B word, and my sweats flew down the stairs. Naturally, I came with them. Not only was there BACON!, but Mr. G, honey was lighting a fire in the place of fires. Our first fire of the season.

Fall is my favorite time for fires. Spring is a close second. I like the between weather for fires. Summer is too hot here, and winter is too cold. We’ll have fires in winter, especially around the holidays, but the second floor gets pretty nippy when we do. We need a Heatilator fireplace. Note to self.

Lookin’ a little Halloweenish here today.

Not to be outdone by Mr. G, honey, I put together a pot of potato leek soup and baked a skillet of corn bread to go with it.

BACON!, a crackling fire, potato leek soup and cornbread. Mm. Mm. Mm. My house smells good.

Super Techlet and Mr. Super Techlet are upstairs doing computer maintenance on my everlovin’ Linux Box and watching Friday Night Lights.

Did I mention it’s raining?

Keeping it light. That’s how we’re rolling here today.