do over, do up, repurpose, whatever…

It all started with this little chair. It looks like a castaway IKEA soul. Who can say. All I know is that it, and three of its brothers, were thrown to the curb. It might have gotten a little ugly.

Our friend, who you know as Red Sauce Guy — makes the best red sauce ever — rescued this chair, and its three brothers, from certain eternal rest at the local Dump of Doom.

Through some sort of guy voodoo, Mr. G, honey ended up with this one.

It must have been International Adopt-A-Chair Day.

Mr. G, honey thought it would be great, upon occasion, to haul it out of the garage, sit on it on our new front garden micro-patio and sip fill in the blank.

I thought it could use a little do over.

Do up.



Something like this…

The color is Lucky Bamboo. Lucky me. It’s at your local Home Depots. Yum.

Mr. G, honey wanted a bright, red mum. He got it. It was the least I could do.

I’m thinking some pie or ghost pumpkins, and a little cornstalk, and some autumn leaves blowing over from my neighbor’s yard, and I’m good to go.

I’d say it classifies as a do up.

We’re sprinting toward Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canadaland, lest you think my autumn tableau a tad early. Mercy! Oh, and this color might end up on my front door. Just sayin’.

Head down. Back to work.

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