more middle muddle + alliteration…

I’m trying desperately to ignore the bee buzzing around my office, while I write this post. Where is a highlander when you need one? If I get one more bee sting, I’m destined to blow up like a bad aunt in a Harry Potter blockbuster. Just sayin’.

What did I tell you?

No mo’ grass.

This holy line of demarcation is for a trench of pea gravel. You know… this [              ] big. The Landscape Boys are already shaking their heads. It’s hard to communicate when your landscape plan is a bunch of hand signals.

Gone, baby gone.

Previous perennial pit to become part of future patio.

The Landscape Boys left me some rope to design the patio. High tech. That’s how we’re rolling on this project.

How big?

This [               ] big with a ( on this edge.

It’s getting exciting now because, as soon as it stops raining (again), we’re pushing pavers.

The front door got its final coat of paint this morning. That’s why there are bees buzzing around the upstairs. The front door has to be left open for the door to dry. The big reveal will be soon.

More to come…

Dear Bees,

You must be out by bedtime.

Yours with affection and a big ol’ bee swatter,