a never-ending love or… procrasti-writing

This is the time of weather that my mind turns to Red River Cereal, my breakfast birdseed of choice. Hot, birdseed-y goodness from the Red River Valley. Manitoba, baby! Y’all can Google it.

It is the 4th time I’ve waxed enthusiastic about this grain of yum on this blog, but it’s on my mind. Sadly, it may be the only thing on my mind this Thursday. Procrasti-writing.

The mornings are darker and chillier and rainier. They call for a breakfast that involves a pot, boiling water, a spurtle and Mama Nature’s grainy goodies. Don’t go there. And some brown sugar and blueberries with a wee bit of milk.

Yes, I use my spurtle — not just for oatmeal anymore — to stir and bash all manner of hot breakfast cereals. Don’t tell my Scottish ancestors.

What’s your hot breakfast cereal of choice? Or are you just cold all the way? Are you a breakfast for dinner type?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I want to know.

The Red River Cereal people have never heard of me. This is pro bono love, baby.