Peeeeeping in the rain, just…

I know you were singing, Gene, honey. But I’m peeping in the rain. And we’re having some fine October gusty-wind-and-lashing-rain weather.

I’m not leaf-peeping in my usual neck of Canadaland. I’m in another neck. I’m in the Ottawa/Gatineau neck.

I love the Gatineaus, because I love to hear zee French spoken all the day long. It’s lyrical and lovely.




And another kind of peeping ~


First I peeped it, then I bought it. It would be Animal Attraction by @JillShalvis. I’m such a devoted reader that I drove all the way to Ottawa to get this book, Jill.

Okay. I was going anyway, and they didn’t have it in my brick and mortar store at home. So…

I told the clerk, I had to snap a picture of where I bought Animal Attraction for you, Jill. I’m not saying she did. And I’m not saying she didn’t, but she might have looked at me oddly. Just sayin’. She doesn’t understand the author psyche.


I can’t get this spider off my brain. Look at that egg sac. Yikes! It’s burned on my brain forever.

Hello, Monday!

4 thoughts on “Peeeeeping in the rain, just…

  1. I adore that spider. I want one!
    Two of my favourite authors, Jill Shalvis and Maggie Shayne. That bookshelf made me grin with pleasure. New books!
    And yes, the world does need more Canada, especially good peepers like you ๐Ÿ˜€


    • LOL That spider is squatting, hovering, whatever outside of the front doors to the National Gallery of Canada. It does give one pause. I know. Don’t you just love it?!


    • I completely forgot about your spider phobia! I was too busy worrying about my own. ๐Ÿ˜€ I swear you can see that spider from the Parliament Buildings. It looks like it’s coming for you. The good news is, Jill, is that it can’t fit in your car!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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