Between seasons, lil’ bit…

This is a tragic weekend tale, so you may want to avert your eyes. Lil’ bit.

I expected Jack Frost to take out the impatiens, the tomato plants, and any other annuals we might have hanging around at this time of year, but I was surprised when it claimed the ornamental peppers as they are sold in my neck of Canadaland for autumnal arrangements, along with glorious mums and leafy, pink and green kale. Huh.

Our yummy, pink dahlia before Jack Frost ~

Our yummy, pink dahlia after Jack Frost ~

It was a hard frost. Even the organic mulch was not feeling Mama Nature’s love this morning.

Nor ~

Nor ~

Nor ~

These chicks are c-c-c-cold. This mulch is f-f-f-frozen.

I’m c-c-c-cold and f-f-f-frozen, and not nearly as good looking as these dudes in my yoga pants and socks, orange Tigger U t-shirt, pumpkin hoodie, and brown sweater jacket. A Northern Girl vision, that is what I am.

I’m comin’ for you, Jack.

Sunday is a s…low text day. I like to jump about and break out in song on Sunday.

After a shot of high octane. Mebbe.