I could do that…

If you follow my tweets, then you know that there’s been some serious car-ogling and auto test-driving going on on Planet Canada.

Every day is out and beating the tarmac for the next vehicle of motor. By the end of yesterday, I was leaning toward a Harley. My heart-of-hearts is filled with lust for a two-seater, but the G-Pup would become a rescue dog, and maybe Mr. G, honey too, at least during the winter months. He has some height on him.

Because it’s Hump Day, and because we’re craning our necks in Autoland, baby, I give you this for your viewing pleasure…

Three Cool Cats

I could do that.

Be a cool cat.

If I wanted to.

And brain surgery.

P.S. The women is this video are cat-cool.