brought to you by thursday…

Normally, I highlight the feed finds on Friday, which is why they’re called Friday Finds on the Feed.

This week, they’re being brought to you by Thursday. Friday is being reserved for Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the US of A.

That’s how we’re rolling this week.

The Friday feed finds is something that I started at the end of 2010. I don’t know about you, but I’m always finding stuff of interest — cool stuff, fun stuff, good stuff, lol stuff, and even some crazy stuff in my RSS feeds each week.

{Aside:} Yes, I actually have tags for all this stuff.

Being me, I like to share one to several of these with you each week. Sometimes, one is enough. Remember last week’s Nutella Bread Pudding? Yes. Me, too.

Usually, it’s something for writers first. Then, it’s just up for grabs. Whatever I think you might find interesting, or fun, or just out there.

Here’s what we have this week:

For Writers ~ @ Girlfriends Book Club, Cindy Jones’s Five Scary-Gothic Things About Being a Writer. I can’t do it justice. Just click on over.

For Backyard Chicken Lovers Everywhere ~ @ The Art of Doing Stuff, Karen’s The Reclucktant Activist. Should urban chickens be banned? Hamilton, Ontario might think so. Cluck on over and show Karen some support.

For Foodies ~ @ Steamy Kitchen, Chili and Basil Scallops. I might’ve just had a little foodgasm. I don’t know about you, but I could listen to John Gregory-Smith all day. Click. On. Over.

I’ve put John Gregory-Smith’s Mighty Spice Cookbook on my Christmas list. Actually, I don’t have a list. That’s it.  Are you reading this, Mr. G honey?

Brought to you by Thursday.