Keep them Fridays rollin’…

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…

We’re doing the Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! with Author Lisa Kessler. For your viewing delight ~


For Writers ~ @ Boxing the Octopus, Colleen Thompson’s Revision 101: Protagonist Check-list. Character talk. Make your protagonist sing. Not literally, of course. Mebbe. Click on over.

For Art Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Sprayntings by Mikal, New Sprayntings! The medium is canvas, spray paint and a bucketload of artistic vision. The artist is Mikal. My current favorites are Harvest and Squid. *This is a Find. I don’t know Mikal, and he doesn’t know me. I love art. Art, art, art. Love it. The end. Click on over.

For Christmas Lovers ~ @ The Inspired Room, Small & Festive Christmas Trees: Ideas for Christmas Decorating, by Melissa. I love this idea of decorating with tiny trees tucked into corners. Plump, little trees squatting on tables, stepping the stairs. Quick. Clickety, click.

For Cursive Writers Everywhere ~ @ The Pioneer Woman, Will handwriting be obsolete? by Heather Sanders. Will that be one space or two? Click. On. Over.

TGIF, baby!

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    • I should have started a FHDoJ archive. It’s hard to remember what I’ve tweeted and/or posted now. lol

      Hope your weekend is grand. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.


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