A Friday Twofer…

You get a twofer today. Christmas and Author Lisa Kessler’s Friday Happy Day of JOY!!! in one video package.

This came across my Twitter stream on Thursday, courtesy of New York Times and USA TODAY Best Selling Author Teresa Medeiros. You can find Medeiros, and her wonderful books, here.

It was just so infectious and joy-giving, I had to share it here…with you.

Dancing With An iPod…

For Writers ~ @ Nathan Bransford, Bransford’s, How to Network Without Networking. I struggle with this issue of networking daily. Click on over.

For Dreamers Everywhere ~ @ Romance Writing From the Edge, Ross’s Friday Fun Video – Dream Drive. Have mercy. Clickety, click.

For New Writers ~ @ Bob Mayer’s Blog|Write It Forward, Mayer’s What to Write. It’s not just “write what you know.” Mayer has been penning a #NaNoWriMo series. Yep. Click. Def.

For Knitters Everywhere ~ @ KwanaWrites, Knitting Spirit by Kwana. These knitted ornaments remind me of socks. Just what a Northern Girl needs. Click. On. Over.

TGIF, baby!