20 Bees + Aliens…

I’m sitting here drinking a bottle, and by bottle I mean glass, of this…

I could never drink a bottle of anything. I am the cheapest of dates. It takes me all night to sip a glass of wine, guzzle a beer.

Moving along.

Isn’t that the most fun wine bottle ever?

20 Bees 2010 Cabernet Merlot. This is how we roll in Canadaland.

A nice little blog-writing sipper.

I’m sitting here sipping my 20 Bees and staring at this image. I’ve been staring at it on and off all day. I might be a little fixated, which it not at all the same as pixilated, though I might be that, too.

I really can’t decide.

Are we fretting, chewing our nails waiting for something to appear?

Or are we fretting, chewing our nails because aliens just beamed up Uncle Fred?

You decide.

In other news today: Writing…check. Cardio…check.

This be a blog quickie.