Downton Fun and Friday Feed Finds…

I’m not the only Downton Abbey enthusiast out there. Twitter tells me so.

How do I love thee, Mr. Bates Downton Abbey? Let me count the ways… another day. Until then, enjoy this wonderful bit of Downton fun.

Uptown Downstairs Abbey

To learn more about BBC Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, click here.

For Writers ~ @ Bob Mayer’s Blog, Mayer’s Reflections on the Value of Bestseller Lists vs. The Long Tail. The key to success in digital publishing is not the immediate success and the bestseller list.  It’s the long tail,… Clickety, click.

For Writers ~ @ Girlfriends Book Club, Guest post: Alexandra Sokoloff by Brenda Janowitz. Talkin’ Love Story Elements. Always find something interesting at GBC. Click, click, click.

For Comma Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Behler Blog, The Oxford Comma…’Nuf said. This made my week and filled me with glee. Click on over.

For Food Lovers ~ @ Inspired Taste, Joanne’s 46 Superbowl Recipes. Small bites, dips, sweets, drinks. Have mercy! Love this site. What are you waiting for? Also, big giveaways all month. Click, man, click.

TGIF, baby!