Oh, man…

I has the fevers of spring baaaaad. Srsly.

Not only that, I’m talking in LOLspeak.

It has a flavr.

Don’t tell Kitteh.

OMG. Somebody help me.

It could be worse. I could be speaking in Pig Latin.

Ixnay atthay.


Moving along.

The Spring Break revelers stragglers are back and school has commenced. Could you not hear the groaning over the intertoobs?

I’m still struggling with the resprained ankle. If anything, it is uglier, bigger, and more sore than it was at the beginning of the week. Huh. The dance cardio is on hold until the ankle is more reliable. Until then, I’m kind of stuck with functional exercise. Wahoo. And I say wahoo most unenthusiastically.

On a field trip with friends last Friday, I couldn’t resist this:

It’s in my signature color. And it still has its retail wrinkles, because it hasn’t been washed yet.

This tea towel (dish towel) is from Now Designs, and a portion of the purchase went to support the Giving World Foundation. Bonus. I didn’t know this until after I got my tea towel home and was examining the tags.

I’m thinking it would make a great addition to a hostess gift. I should probably get a dozen more.

Now, I must try not to think about how stunningly beautiful it is outside and how badly I want to play hookey, and get back to writing.

Break’s over.

Hello, Monday!

This be a blog quickie or an ogblay ickiequay. I’ll let you decide.

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