four more boards and a post…

All spare time this week has been dedicated to the one I love fence staining.

Yes, we’ve been hopelessly devoted to you the fence.

Help me! I’m caught up in a musical time warp.

We’ve been doing this…

Man. I wish I had thought of that.

We’ve actually been doing this…

Except you should look at that color and think charcoaly brown or browny charcoal. Dark, baby, dark. It makes a terrific backdrop for plantings, by the way.

During a storm earlier this spring, a section of our shared fence waved like Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World. It will be replaced later this summer by someone who knows what he’s doing — not me — and we thought we might as well go ahead and spruce up the existing remaining fence.

It needed it.

In a bad way.

I couldn’t even take before pictures.

Fence is high maintenance.

Fence needs constant attention.

Fence is a bad relationship.

Oops. Wrong post.

After my bran buds, I have to drag myself out to the back ten and stain four more boards and a post.

That is all.

Four more boards and a post.

Don’t think I haven’t been counting.

Speaking of a time warp. Let’s Rocky Horror it with author Lisa Kessler, and the Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!!

The Time Warp

TGIF, baby!

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