Toing and Froing Edmundston, Nouveau-Brunswick…

On our way to and from Prince Edward Island in September, we traveled through parts of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. I had only seen New Brunswick at night, via a sleeper car on a train bound for Nova Scotia. Raise your hand if you love train travel!

When I’m in a sleeper car on a train, I don’t actually sleep. I like to crack the shade open in the wee smalls and watch, from my bunk, each little village roll by. A town looks different at night as the train rumbles in. You see just a flicker of lights here and there, while train staff jump on and off the train loading and off-loading luggage.

Edmundston was our New Brunswick overnight stay traveling to and from PEI. Edmundston (pop slightly over 16,000) is plunked in the northeast section of the Appalachians — and I did not know they came this far north — at the juncture of the Saint John and Madawaska Rivers, just a hop, skip, and a car ride from the Quebec border.

It’s hilly and scenic and lovely. Sadly, we were always arriving in the evening and leaving in the morning. My intimate view of Edmundston was the Shopper’s Drug Mart and the French-speaking pharmacist who helped me select a heating pad and some over-the-counter-drugs. Without her, I might have hightailed it back to Ontario.

New Brunswick is our only official bilingual province, but the citizenry speak French first, and all of their road signs are in French. You want to know the word “travaux” in context.

I managed to capture these shots the morning we left to travel across New Brunswick, headed toward Confederation Bridge, which connects PEI to the mainland. Click on any of these images, and you’ll see a larger version.

I’m standing on a hill just down from our hotel.

The morning was crisp with a bit of a fog and industry exhaust.

I’m panning. Nice bit of color.

We have to return to New Brunswick. We missed Magnetic Hill in Moncton, and Ossie’s Lunch. I’m still weeping about that.

We need a little more time at Edmundston and environs, too.

It was the crack of the crack. I’m surprised I managed to get these shots BT — before Tim’s/Timmies/Tim Hortons.

Why, yes. Yes, I did change my header.

My salute to autumn.

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    • Oh, I’ll be back. There isn’t anything I like better than a pumpkin in the fall! And we regretted not being able to stop at the NB Botanical Garden this time. I’ve bookmarked your website. Thanks for leaving a comment. Cheers!


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