Poof! Not even a feather…

We were down at Confederation Landing Park — on part of Charlottetown’s vast waterfront — strolling, gazing fondly at the cruise ship docked at stow-away distance. Just kidding.


We were down at Confederation Landing Park, when Mr. G, honey’s ice cream antennae began to vibrate. I looked to my right, and across some water and birds floating on a rock was Peake’s Warf. And on Peake’s Warf, shining like a beacon for ice cream lovers everywhere, was COWS Ice Cream.

Mr. G, honey was David Copperfield gone. Poof! Not even a feather floated to the ground.

COWS has a whole line of clothing and stuff, but it is the ice cream I scream for. 38 flavors — but who’s counting — of butterfat goodness. You can read all about it here.

I wasn’t Mr. G, honey wasn’t leaving without a cone.

There was a line. We got in it. It gave us plenty of time to look at all of our fresh, creamy options. I went with Gooey Mooey. Gooey Mooey had chocolate in it. The end. He went with Sea Salted Toffee. They were both lick-licious. Next time I’m on PEI, I’m having the Sea Salted Toffee. In a freshly-made waffle cone.

I know I can get COWS off-island, but I don’t dare. The next thing you know, there would be hidden stashes of COWS in the deep freeze below stairs. It’s a slippery slope, I tell you.

It was named World’s Best Ice Cream by Tauck World Travel. I have no idea. I haven’t tasted all the ice cream in the world. It is waffle-licking good.

Go to PEI. Get some.