Makes you want to make a U-y, doesn’t it?…

A bit of a cheat this week, I know.

But I’m working through the tutorials for Scrivener. Anybody using Scrivener? If you’re not and don’t know what it is, it’s a word-processing program for writers. A word-processing program with lots of bells and whistles. It’s like a big electronic project file where you can keep all your story-related stuff together: the manuscript, the research, the outline, the images, the synopsis, etc. — for more than one ms.  I’m interested in a lot of those bells and whistles, like the Corkboard function.

Scrivener is many things, but it’s not intuitive. I had to order Scrivener for Dummies (Gwen Hernandez, 2012).

Of course, it could just be me.

So. My posts here have been pictorial and lean.

Traveling home from the roadmance…

This is Quebec, midmorning ~

Quebec – Route 24 – September – 2012

Ontario, a few hours later ~

Ontario – The 401 – September – 2012

Makes you want to make a U-y, doesn’t it?

I’ve got my head down, and I’m deep in the land of tutorial. It should start with once upon a time. Have mercy.

I’ll let you know. And if you’ve got any Scrivener tricks up your sleeves, you let me know.