Mirror, mirror…

…on the wall, in the garden, on the ceiling…

When I visited an herb farm while traveling in Michigan some weeks ago, I never expected to see mirrors.


Here’s a peek.

This is a bedroom in one of the many buildings on the herb farm. In order to get the shot without me in it, I had to stand at an angle to the left. As a result, I ended up cropping a little off the right where there was a lovely sunny window that caused a nice splotch of too much sun. I wanted to take this mirror home with me. Such a lovely bedroom. The only hint of modernity was a small flat screen tv on a articulating wall mount.

This was in the attic space of their gift shop. It was the color of the frame — and size — that caught my attention. It’s massive.

This was in a garden area. I swoon.

There were mirrors everywhere.

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