I’m a simple girl. And a Northern Girl…

This was by special request.

From me.

It’s all I wanted.

In my Christmas stocking.

I’m a simple girl.

And a Northern Girl.


Campfire fork. 12 1/2 inches. Good for roasting…

…hot dogs




In the fireplace.

Telescoping, baby!

Yes. I wanted a telescoping campfire fork so that I could roast marshmallows in the fireplace.

12 1/2 inches — 20 inches — 27 inches — 34 inches.

I had to stand on a chair, leaning over the dining room table to get that 34 inches for you.

That’s the kind of dedicated blogger I am.

I’ve already decided that I can smoosh two marshmallows on that telescoping sucker.

Double the pleasure.

Double the fun.

For the fireplace.

No wet boots.

No soggy mittens.

No frozen rump.

No wild beasts making off with my roasted marshmallows.

We all know where Mr. G, honey got it. Right?

Lee Valley.

Sprinting to the marshmallow store.


Full Disclosure: Lee Valley has no idea I’m over here yapping about their telescoping campfire fork. Just sayin’.