There’s gotta be a pair in here somewhere…

Best in Post: This was such a fun post to write, especially with that image that I found at iStockphoto back in the day.

This is a new category here on the blog. I’ll be doing Best in Post from time to time. It’s something I’d been thinking about a lot in 2012. This is from 2008. Happy Hump Day!

I’d like my cheekies by monthly subscription, please…

I was cruising through the Style section of the Globe and Mail earlier in the month and spied this header — Male boxers in your mailbox: a new monthly delivery.

Of course, I had to read the article by Wency Leung. No moss on Elen!

Washing Machine Feet

The gist is that a couple of, I think, pretty smart guys created an online subscription program for delivering brand spanking new undershorts to all those harried males too busy to get the laundry done or race down the guy stuff aisle of their local department store. Same goes for socks. Socks or shorts — you can have them automatically delivered to your door on the subscription plan. Pretty nifty, huh?

You know I checked it out, right? I have brothers. I have Mr. G, honey. They’ve got your basic briefs, your basic socks. I’m hoping they’ll add a little more color in the future. You can give gift subscriptions. Go. See. and What’s not to love?

The title of this image should be — There’s gotta be a pair in here somewhere!

Now, I’m thinking — I want. Hey. I’m a writer. My laundry piles up to the ceiling plenty. And, yes, I have actually raced out and bought emergency under-kit.

So, Victoria’s Secret, I’d like my cheekies by monthly subscription, please. Yeah. I’ll give you guys a link, but I know you’ve got it on speed dial or speed click already!


Full Disclosure: MonthlyBoxers/MonthlySocks has no idea I’m over here yapping about their products.