Northern Girl Vibe and Feed Finds…

Michigander Sister has been getting a lot more snow than I have. She’s got that Northern Girl vibe going on. Me, not so much. That’s okay. I’m willing to share.

Being as it’s Friday and all, I’ll share with you too.

Poor birdies. Gonna have to take a snow bath.


Thanks for the pic, Sis! Gorgeous.

Finds on the Feed

For Adrenaline Junkies… and Writers ~ The Daily Joltdigital adrenaline shots for the masses. This is a new site. It is exactly what it says it is. Put a little kick in your day, Mon-Fri. Start with the About page. I’m addicted. Click. On. Over.

For Soup Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Cheese and Toast, Sue Riedl’s Hot and Sour Soup: The cure for what ails you (like that dumb flu). Why wait until you’re feeling wonky and have to coerce your beloved/bff/whatever into making this for you? Click. Click. Click.

For Lovers of the Image… and Photographers ~ Daily Dose of Imagery – This Toronto-based photographer has been linked in my sidebar for a long time. I can’t imagine my day without a click over to see what Sam Javanrouh has posted for the day on this photoblog. Clickety click.

TGIF, baby!


Note: Now that I’ve finished this post, it is snowing like crazy. Heh.