Michael Douglas POTUS Moment…

Scream Hair

Do you do this?



Last night, while sleeping and dreaming, I dreamed my next two posts.

I wrote the text. I could see it. It was good.

I found the images. I could see them. They were good.

In my dream, I was doing the whole Michael Douglas POTUS from The American PresidentAll right. Okay. This is good. [fist pump]

I woke up feeling like… and on the second night,

I created posts.

And it was good.

Then my toes hit the moose slippers and I Drew. A. Complete. Blank.

And I went WAH, WAH, WAH all the way to the decaffeine-maker.

Tell me true.

This has happened to you?


In my next Michael Douglas POTUS moment, I plan to hit the save and send buttons before the fist pump.

And yes, I’ve seen this movie more than twice.

Elen, who is still trying to yank that memory out of her brain at 3:30 pm. Le sigh.

6 thoughts on “Michael Douglas POTUS Moment…

  1. If you’re talking about ideas or sparks of inspiration slipping away when it comes to expressing them on paper, yep, been there, done that, lol! Have to say though, have taken so much inspiration from dreams. I realise the harder and deeper you dig, the further away those memories seem to get!! Oh, never seen the movie by the way,


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