Last Call…

The last day of February dawned winter bright with a new snowfall. The kind that creates all those snow-plops everywhere. You know, that heavy snow that clings to branches and limbs ever so briefly and then plops to the ground.

Sometimes you might even hear a thud.

A snow-thud.

This was one of those mornings.

So I shoved a toque over my bedhead — I know, that’s the shot you really want to see — threw a coat over the jammies and slipped into winter boots.

All BDC — before decaffeine.

Mr. G honey and the Golden pup did the head-swivel as I stumbled by, camera and iPhone in hand. Then, it was back to breakfast-crunchies-business-as-usual. They had seen this routine before.

There was a lot of tromping and clicking going on.

The normal people were shoveling.

I was hunched over my hydrangea bushes trying not to face-plant into the snow.

Carpe snow diem.

Or something like that.

For your viewing pleasure on this, the last day of February.


Hydrangea with dog prints.


Hydrangea struggling under the weight.


Hydrangea blossoms clinging in winter.


Hydrangea with ice and snow. This is my favorite.


Hydrangea bent.


This last image is a Buddleja or butterfly bush in the frontscape. It’s up to its branches in a couple of feet of snow and covered in snow-plops.

An hour later, most of this view is gone.

That’s how snow-plops roll.


4 thoughts on “Last Call…

  1. Yes, to get the best snowy pictures you really have to run out at the right moment before wind and rain knock the snow off all the boughs! Lovely photos of your snowy scenes.


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