So I wouldn’t throw a blood clot…


I won’t lie.

Fast drafting is tough. It’s hard to disengage that left brain. It’s hard to shutdown that internal editor. I’m a natural editor. Stuff jumps out at me, and I Just Want To Fix It.

No. No, no, no.

I set the timer on the smartphone for 60 minutes. When it quacked like a duck, I jumped up and did 15 minutes of dance cardio, so I wouldn’t throw a blood clot. And repeat.

I ate a protein breakfast. A nutrient-rich lunch.

I drank water.

My biggest problem was that the touch pad on the new laptop is so sensitive that if my sleeve touches it, it can cause the cursor to whip to another part of the draft and enter text there. Oh, boy.

I’m learning to hold my wrists differently.

I stopped at 5096 words — 23 pages.


For Color Lovers Everywhere ~ From @ designtaxi, A Beautiful, Romantic Short Film About Making Ink in Every PANTONE Shade by Loke Shi Ying. This came across my Facebook feed earlier this week. This short film is beautiful and romantic… and stunning. Click on over. Enjoy. This is one of my favorite sites.

Only one Feed Find today.

TGIF, baby!


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7 thoughts on “So I wouldn’t throw a blood clot…

  1. WOOHOO! That’s an impressive wordcount!

    I am very much a fixer, but I’ve been learning to be less of one with these exercises I’ve been doing every day — 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, 90 seconds before bed, focus on sensory details, pencils down when the timer goes off, no time for erasing!


  2. That’s a crazy impressive word count. Sven would be so proud, then demand you drop and give him another 20 (pages that is)The timer and cardio is a very good compromise. Glad to read that Matt is back in the swing as well. I adore both of your voices


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