underpass and feed finds…

underpass_elengrey_march_2013 (949x1280)

Underpass — Part of me thinks riding a dirt bike in and out and through there would be cool. Verra cool. The other part hopes there isn’t a giant sinkhole brewing underneath the crushing weight of this underpass.

That’s how my thoughts are rolling this Friday.

We put a LED Infrared Detection Light on our staircase. Go ahead. Google it. It does look a little spooky.

We put it there so we wouldn’t break our necks on our blueberry blue staircase before the runner is installed.

We call it the Bogey Light. Gracie Allen Golden Pup will not step one paw across the sacred line of the Bogey Light. I roll my eyes. She stands on the landing and paces from side to side, toenails clicking and clacking. And then she clears her throat until I appear at the top of the stairwell and motion her upward. Sometimes, I have to squat and cajole her just like when she was a pup and I was teaching her to climb the stairs. No matter what, I have to be standing there or she will not pass… unless there is a popcorn bowl, and I’m behind her. Then she can get past the Bogey Light just fine. C’mon guys. Shake it! We’re having popcorn!!

For Vintage Lovers ~ @ The Sartorialist — Viva Las Vegas, Las Vegas. These shots from the Vintage Car Show and the Pool Party. Oh, the color! Each one of these images is stunning. This is one of my favorite sites for photography and street fashion and glorious color. Clickety, click. And click it big.

For Fashion Lovers Everywhere  ~ @ Myndi Shafer — QUICK GIGGLE: 100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds. This video is pure genius. Shafer always makes me laugh. I visit her blog frequently. Click on over.

For Bird/Nature/History Lovers ~ @ Belle Grove Plantation — The Osprey Get A New Home. Michelle and Brett Darnell will soon be opening Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Virginia as an elegant Bed & Breakfast. I’ve been following their story avidly. Click, click, click.

The Friday Feed Finds are always an eclectic mix. I like it that way.

TGIF, baby!


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