I’d rather be a guitar…

Since it’s Hump Day — the sprint right over it day — I decided to share one thing you probably don’t know about me.

Hardly anyone does.

The parents. Definitely.

Siblings, too.

Well, the government.

I’m named after my grandmother. Thanks, Dad. Miss you every day.

My middle name is Lucille.

I’ll give you a moment to take that in.

I need a moment myself.

Okay. Good to go.

So. Yesterday, I decided to Google songs about Lucille. That’s what I put in the search bar.

It wasn’t good.

First, there was Kenny Rogers. Lucille — you can see it here on the YouTube. Oh, man. She left him with four hungry children. And, and, and… a crop. In the field.


Then, there was Little Richard. Lucille —  This poor sod woke up in the morning. Lucille was not in sight. Yup. Lucille took another hike. You can see it here on the YouTube.


A lot of musical artists have covered that song. I’m kinda crushin’ on the Everly Brothers and their 1960 version.

That Lucille is a hard woman.

I shared my search results with Mr. G, honey.

He said, “Don’t leave me.”

I said, “You can call me Lucy.”

Then, I came across this…

The incomparable B.B. King and his guitar — Lucille.

I’d rather be a guitar.

Hump Day.

Sprint right over it with a little B.B. King.


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