Love you forever…

I lost a dear friend last week. A sister of the heart.

She was an old soul.

An exemplary teacher, passionate about her own students and others through outreach in communities across the globe.

She loved children. Though she had none of her own, she was auntie to many, including my own.

She’s everywhere in my house from a cozy afghan on the bed to treasured ornaments in a Christmas box to jewelry I wear often and, yes, to plants in the garden!

We had such good times together in a friendship that spanned 31 years. I’ll miss our canning days.

She taught me how to play cribbage. And I can tell you I was never good at it.

Cancer has taken two of my favorite women. It’s a devastating disease.

I will always be grateful that I returned home in time to say goodbye. She was waiting for me. Of that I have no doubt.

She loved The Vicar of Dibley (British Sitcom 1994-2007). We spent a day in the later stages of her illness watching taped episodes and laughing like loons. Best day ever.

This is for you, my lovely and brave friend.

Love you forever.


6 thoughts on “Love you forever…

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute. Not many people have such deep, nurturing friendships to rely on and remember. She sounds like a great companion for a day of canning, a rare find.


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