Close Shot Friday 011

Remember Darth Vractor?

Darth Vractor’s ladder…

darth_vractor_ladder_elengrey_september_2012 (1280x956)

Click it bigger, baby.

I’d meet you in the bar in 3…2…1, but I have fence stain on my knees, a do-rag on my head soaking up sweat, and the only thing that smells worse than me is the fence stain. Just telling it like it is.

We caught a break in the rainy spring and summer, and I hightailed it out to the new section of fence. The wood has to be dry 24 hours before applying the first coat and 24 hours before applying the second coat. Seriously, we have not had three days in a row without rain. We’re looking at six rain-free days, but I’m hoping to finish the staining tomorrow.

Because it’s smelly work.

Because the fence is taller than me.

Because it goes all the way to the ground.

So far, I’ve stabbed myself in the thumb with a piece of sharp plastic and bled all over a pasta salad, poked sunscreen in my eye, and swallowed a bug.

That’s actually good for me.