Close Shot Friday 019

living_clothesline_elengrey_september_2013 (1280x1003)

This is actually pretty subtle for me. I usually go for that pop of color.

I’m drawn to color.

I am color. Color is me.

I love all the texture in this shot and the subtle color of the leaves turning.

I call it Living Clothesline.

TGIF, baby.

You know what to do.

Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1.


2 thoughts on “Close Shot Friday 019

  1. Just a delight. It is indeed full of color and texture. The vine draws the initial attention, but then one sees the shadows on the wall, the little pop of red in the upper left, the texture of the crack, the colors along the wall . . .

    I was actually drawn to the cracked sidewalk in “Grounded Flyer” because of subtle color variations in the sidewalk. I think that you’ve caught such variations beautifully!

    I hoist a beaker full of the warm south to you . . .


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