Close Shot Friday 020

fairy_skirts_1_elengrey_september_2013 (1280x763)

Oh, man.

Fairy Skirts.

I had to crop a man wearing a panama hat out of this shot.

That panama hat clashed with everything.

I looked for fairies, too, but I think it was early in the day for them.

I had no idea what this plant was when I clicked the camera.

Thumbing through a container gardening magazine over dinner…

Me: Oh, look. Here are the fairy skirts! They’re called Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpets.

Mr. G: You looked up the skirts of the trumpets of angels.



Me: I did it for art.

TGIF, baby.


Note: The template for my site had a little brain fart today. I’ve had to do a quick template change. I’m uncertain of the result, but this is what it will be for now. And a good Friday the 13th to you all.

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