Close Shot Friday 033

We’re expecting S.N.O.W. today.

I’m thinking Surrey in the movie The Holiday.

I might have watched it already this Month of Season’s Greetings.

Might have.

G-Pup and I like the S.N.O.W word.

We like to frolic in the snow.

Golden Gracie is staring out the patio doors as I write this post.


I’m yearning, too. But I have to do my yearning from Big Dell afar.

That’s what I call my laptop — Big Dell.

Moving along.

I’m easily distracted by snow this time of year.

And sugar.

Snow and sugar.

Molasses cookies. Yum.

See what I mean?

Close Shot Friday was taken at Edwards Gardens in November, along with a bunch of other shots.

The ornamental grasses, they speak to me.

IMG_4485_ornamental_grass_november_2013 (1280x960)

There’s close.

IMG_4486_ornamental_grass_2_november_2013 (1280x960)

And then there’s Close Shot.

Click it bigger, baby.

TGIF, baby! You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


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