Single Shot Sunday: After The Ice…

As I write this post, it looks like Foggy Bottom outdoors, and the temperature is hovering around 39 Fahren.

I slammed the door on the outside world and took refuge in the kitchen making a roast chicken, vegetable, and wild rice soup. That didn’t cut the fog, so I threw a couple of pans of chocolate chip banana bread — courtesy of What’s Gaby Cooking — in the oven, and followed that up with a skillet of corn bread.

Cracks knuckles.

This is what I do on Foggy Bottom days.

Cooking is my cathartic sport.

after_the_ice_elengrey_december_2013 (1280x956)

This was taken shortly before Christmas after one of the wintry mix ice storms rolled through.

I’d taken a shot of this, my favorite ornamental grass, two weeks earlier and put it up for Single Shot Sunday here.

The next Single Shot Sunday could be called Survivor.

Sunday rolls through pretty as you please.


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