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I’ve written my fair share of Big Day of Love posts, which makes sense. I’m a genre fiction writer with a love of storytelling planted deep in the romance genre. You can usually find a little humor injected in my Big Day of Love posts, because, well… I can’t help myself.

Make no mistake. I love V-Day.

I love watching people doing little acts of affection.

I love seeing a group of young woman laughing over big, glass dishes of ice cream confections post group movie date on V-Day.

I love watching a little tow-headed fella, sporting the cowlick-that-will-not-be-tamed, wowing his mama with a slightly squashed posy.

I love getting a glimpse of grandpa in the kitchen giving grandma an affectionate pat with one hand while he steals a warm heart-shaped cookie with the other.

I love seeing the middle-aged couple in a restaurant lingering over shared dessert and anticipation.

And, yes, I love the guy who goes for it on V-Day with a too tight necktie and ring in his pocket, as he waits for just the right moment to claim his girl.

Yup. I’m a sucker for the Big Day of Love.

That being said, when I was looking for an image to go with this post, this gave me a good giggle.

She’s just not feeling the courtly love. Not feeling the courtly love at all.

We talk about the crass commercialism of Valentine’s Day and like to point a wagging finger at Hallmark, but the exchange of cards and affection and confections has been documented as early as the 15th century, other traditions earlier than that.

What’s your take on Valentine’s Day? Have you picked out a card or posy or red velvet cupcake for someone special? Are you hiding under the bed with the dust bunnies, counting down the hours? Are you giving the Big Day of Love the middle finger salute and grabbing a beer and the remote?

Mr. G, honey and I are staying in. Getting a DVD. Sharing a bottle of wine…a smile…a smooch. That’s how we’re rolling this V-Day.


BIP is a new category here on the blog. I’ll be doing Best in Post from time to time. This post is from 2012.

4 thoughts on “BIP — Big Day of Love

  1. I’m reminded of “Pondlarker,” a lovely children’s book by Fred Gwynne. (Yes: Herman Munster was a very talented writer and artist.)

    My wife and I exchanged cards; I gave her flowers; we had a lovely dinner. A quiet evening!


    • That’s a great cover on Pondlarker. Gwynne was certainly a talented man. Singer, too.

      Sounds like the perfect V-Day to me.

      I’m in the card shop looking for the Big Day of Love card and spotted the perfect card. The. Perfect. Card. Then I thought, if Mr. G sees this card he will get it for me. So I put it back. Come V-day, I opened my card. Guess what? I know my man. And he knows me. LOL


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