One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

I’m reblogging this today, because I want everyone in the land to see this epic video — Aubergine. It was a sad day, indeed, when Eaton’s Department Store went bankrupt.

I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie Wilson’s post. Click on over and check out her blog.

Thanks for posting this, Maggie!

Maggie Wilson Author

 Eggplant-coloured minerals first and then it’s story time!

Stichtite Stichtite

Stichtite from  South Africa

3.0 x 2.6 x 0.7 cm

Eggplant, eh? I immediately thought of the more elegant French variation “aubergine”. If you are Canadian you may understand that my next thought was “Eaton’s”.

In my late 20’s I worked for Eaton’s. It was a great part-time job. Within walking distance of home and the employee discounts were awesome. Too bad I was scared sh*tless of facing the customers who came to pay their bills. Most were pleasant enough, but at least once a day someone would vent their displeasure about the amount owing on their accounts.

I was also a bit scared of the manager of the customer service department. She scolded me when my handwriting was not clear enough. She had to stay late to balance the tills because my “7” looked like a “1”. Oops. 😦


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