O Canada, the 147th…

Canadian Flag

Happy 147th Birthday, Canada! The true North strong and free!

We’re celebrating Canada Day — historically known as Dominion Day — the anniversary of Confederation here in Canada. July 1, 1867, the provinces now known as Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario came together creating the country of Canada. Over time, other provinces and territories joined Canada. 1870: Manitoba and the Northwest Territories 1871: British Columbia 1873: Prince Edward Island 1898: Yukon Territory 1905: Alberta and Saskatchewan 1949: Newfoundland 1999: Nunavut.

Wishing all my Canadian family and friends a wonderful day.

And special Canada Day greetings go out to our Canadian troops serving around the world who cannot be with their loved ones on this day. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Oh, and kindly stop booming on us, Mama Weather, so we can get on with it. Thank you.


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