Hump Day: There Is No Difference…

I can’t call this BIP — Best In Post. I’ll just have to call it a repost.

Repost ~

See the difference?…

The Great White North

Snow ShovelingHammock

February —————————————–> July

Any questions?

Yes. I know there are no palm trees in TGWN. But this is my brain on February, and there should be.

February sucks. Big time.

_____________ The End _________________

Yeah. That was a blog quickie from February of 2009.

There is no difference.

Actually, I can no longer say there are no palm trees, because last summer I saw two of them being container grown at the sandy lakeshore — Do we even have beaches here? — of Lake Ontario.

Let us shift our gaze.


peony_elengrey_june_2012 (956x1280)

Take a moment.

Ah. I feel better.

Infinitely better.

Hump Day…. Let’s just crush it with our bare hands — like it’s February — and move on.

Move on, people Elen.

I might be watching too much Agent Carter. Mebbe.


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