Dwarf Troll House… D of A to Z Challenge


Duuuude. It’s Saturday. You’re getting what I call the Blog Quickie on this site.

It’s a quick and dirty post. Yes, it has its own category. Now, let’s git to it.

Dwarf Troll House


Dwarf Troll House for Rent

The first time I took this shot at Edwards Gardens in Toronto was in April of 2010.

Clearly, I was stingy with the image size. This is as big as it gets.

In other words, don’t even try to click it bigger.

Dwarf Troll House in Camo

Dwarf Troll House in Camo

And clearly, I didn’t do much better in October of 2010.


Here it is in September of 2012.

At least I made the image size larger.

The dwarf troll house looks larger, which is really kind of creeping me out.

Maybe it grows to fit the size of the renter. Eep!

IMG_3861_troll_house_closeup_elengrey_april_2013 (1280x960)

Dwarf Troll House Back Entrance

And clearly, by the spring of 2013 I’ve smartened up.

Go ahead. Click it bigger.

Because — you know — there’s always a back entrance to a troll house.

Run, Troll! Run!


7 thoughts on “Dwarf Troll House… D of A to Z Challenge

  1. Elen,
    I applaud you for posting pictures of troll houses. It helps the general population to realize there are things in this world overlooked and disbelieved. Please thank the trolls for allowing you to invade their privacy for me.
    I hope you get pictures of the trolls for your “T” post.

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