Throwback to the Letter N…


The Letter N. Brought to you by ~

Number, Neutrogena, and Northern Girls

The Letter N — where everything old is new again, but nobody knows your name.

Here we are at Throwback Thursday. Again. #tbt

Northern Girls

There is a category on this blog called Northern Girls. I could have used named, but I used called instead. I called it.

Look up. You can see it just below the header, right under the letter N in Elen. Did that not work well for this post, or what? It’s where I talk about all things Northern Girl. Mostly about winter and tread. Winter and toques. Winter and snow-hotties. Winter and flannel… and BBQ Season.

For Throwback Thursday, here is a repost of one of the earliest NG posts.



Found in the glossary of the Northern Girl’s Handbook

Springtime (n) — 1. a fleeting moment between Winter and BBQ Season (archaic) — 2. winter melt — 3. another tread opportunity for Northern Girls





[end repost]

Those are not mine. Everybody knows I don’t do pink.

Okay. Hardly ever.

As close to never as you can get.

Number + Neutrogena

Another Throwback Thursday moment in video. Language Alert!

This is one of my favorite laugh out loud moments in video.

Can I have your number?


Utter nonsense.