Close Shot Friday 094… + 48 Hours

I did some other things this month besides the A to Z Challenge, which ended yesterday.

Can I get an Amen?!

In a 48-hour period I…

~ switched things up for my first pedi of the year and went with OPI This Color’s Making Waves, instead of my beloved I’m Not Really A Waitress Red. I swoon. But next time I’m so going with My Gecko Does Tricks. You know you want to click on that.

~ had my WOB — wavy bob — cut into a short shag for the spring, because I was probably having a cray-cray day. The only more cuh-razy thing I could have done was have it dyed either one of the OPI colors mentioned above.

It could happen.

~ cruised into the big TO with the G-Man to visit the Ryerson Image Centre to see their latest exhibits. Had to take the new haircut and pedi out for a spin.

I digress.

I cruised into the big TO with the G-Man to visit the Ryerson Image Centre to see their latest exhibits.

I go for the Balzacs next door.

Just kidding.

Not really.


RIC showcases some of the finest photography.

We visited three exhibits. First, an exhibition of landscape photographer Mark Ruwedel in which he “…documents traces and imprints of human activity on the earth.” His focus is the western territories of Canada and the U.S. Powerful.

Second, Scott Conarroe: Canada By Rail and By Sea. This is transportation infrastructure meets nature and is visually stunning. Big. Bold. Beautiful. I wanted more.

Third, Michael Mitchell: A Telling Portrait. I loved his altered landscapes. “Human beings have been in the landscape alteration business for millennia.” ~ Michael Mitchell

That stuck with me long after we left the exhibit. I’m still thinking about it.

If you’re in the GTA and have the opportunity, go. See.

Outside of the Ryerson Image Centre is an open space. A space of community. A space in which I found this:

IMG_0086_looking_through_elengrey_april_2015 (956x1280)

Well, the close shot of a much larger piece. Since I couldn’t physically get through that fissure, I shot through it.

There is a whole ebb and flow of humanity and traffic happening on the other side.

Here be Friday. The first Friday of May.

Let’s dance!


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