Close Shot Friday 098 + Looking For The G

Meanwhile, back at Doors Open Toronto and the Aga Khan Park.

This is one of the water elements. It’s called a reflecting pool. There are five of them. The water is tipping over the edge of the stone floor. You can’t even see it moving unless the breeze moves it. I know. I stood there a long time to catch it.

It was a moment.

IMG_0277_doors_open_toronto_elengrey_may_2015 (1280x956)

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You can read a brief history of the design here.

In Other News ~

When the 100th Close Shot Friday has been posted, I’ve decided to do something else with this Friday space. It’s been fun, and I’ll always be posting close shots somewhere, but it’s time to shake things up a little bit.

If I spend any more time at the garden centers, they’re going to declare me honorary staff.

Or pot me like a perennial.

Right, G-Man?

I spent $1.29 for a single lemon and $3.99 for a head of red leaf lettuce at the grocery store yesterday. Then I came home and took a Tylenol and gave my container lettuce a little pep talk…. Hurry!

Pretty sure the roses are being compromised by sawfly this year. Yikes!

Yeah. It’s a slow-news week.

Here be Friday, the beginning of the weekend.

I will be grillin’, chillin’, plantin’, walkin’, cleanin’ and looking for the “g” missing from all these words.



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  1. You and Dusty Springfield. Remember her song? A-wishin and hopin and singin and prayin. Laughin and …. What? You never heard it? Because you’re too youn———gggggggg

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