So… Snow… So What?

I woke up to the quack of the smartphone and this text from Geekess…

Up and at ’em, mamacita.   ::smiley face::   The snow is waiting for you.

To which I quacked back…

I don’t want to look.    ::bummer face::

If it had been Christmas morning, I might’ve jumped up at the butt crack of morning to

S e e   T h e   S n o w !

But on 12 January, not so much.

In fact, not at all.

Burrow. Burrow. Burrow.

snow_so_what_elengrey_january_2016 (1280x956)

Okay! Okay! It’s purty!!

The end.


13 thoughts on “So… Snow… So What?

  1. LOL I was going to write about snow tomorrow! We’re supposed to 30 cm! I can’t wait. I’m actually a little giddy waiting for it. But it’s not supposed to start until after midnight tonight. I can’t stay up that late any more. If we get that much and it’s the wet kind, be prepared for an igloo post 🙂

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  2. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I had to get going – worst time of my life is the morning. Surprisingly it was ultra mild. Quiet nice actually.
    How is the Geekess?

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