TBT: Write It Down…

Paper Airplane

… or lose it.

In an effort to make Throwback Thursday — #tbt — about writing, because when this blog first began it was all about writing, here’s a post about writing it down for Pete’s sake.

For crying out loud.

Or whatever minced oath you can come up with.

Don’t you love that term… minced oath?


Michael Douglas POTUS Moment…

Scream Hair

Do you do this?



Last night, while sleeping and dreaming, I dreamed my next two posts.

I wrote the text. I could see it. It was good.

I found the images. I could see them. They were good.

In my dream, I was doing the whole Michael Douglas POTUS from The American PresidentAll right. Okay. This is good. [fist pump]

I woke up feeling like… and on the second night,

I created posts.

And it was good.

Then my toes hit the moose slippers and I Drew. A. Complete. Blank.

And I went WAH-WAH-WAH all the way to the decaffeine-maker.

Tell me true.

This has happened to you?


In my next Michael Douglas POTUS moment, I plan to hit the save and send buttons before the fist pump.

And yes, I’ve seen this movie more than twice.

Elen, who is still trying to yank that memory out of her brain at 3:30 pm. Le sigh.

Michael Douglas POTUS Moment… 2013


I can’t emphasize enough the importance of writing your middle-of-the-night, or at-the-party, or standing-in-line-at-the-DMV, or getting-your-legs-waxed brilliance down on a piece of paper/tablet/smartphone. Dictate it to yourself. I don’t care.

Do it!

I can’t tell you how many good snatches of dialogue or scenes I’ve lost because I simply was too smug confident of my powers of memory to write it down. Too sure that after I got out of the car, came home from that dinner or movie or event or mingling or whatever, that that brilliant writerly bit would still be there.

Oh, I’ll remember that.

No. No. No!

I will not.

I can try to reconstruct it, but it will never be the same.

[Elen exits left on a crying jag.]

And I do this all the time. G-Man can pretty well tell you when I’ve zoned out in the middle of something, listening to some dialogue going on in my head or visualizing the next diabolical bear in the canoe.

Trust me on this.

I know things.

And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.



9 thoughts on “TBT: Write It Down…

  1. So true! I do that speil on Fridays when I anwer my kidses questions. I’ve forgotten to write down more questions than I’ve answered. I forget them before I get the chance to write them down.

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  2. Happens all the time. But then, I’m a geezer and it’s supposed to happen. Happens usually when I’m walking Jake the Dog. I’ve tried the dictation stuff but the. I can’t figure out what I said, or, in winter with 17 layers on me (I’m a geezer, I freeze easier) it’s too much trouble to find my phone to record. I I just take the phone into the ‘library’ and some of my best idea happen there. Yes, the ‘library’…

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