#TBT: F-arch…

Paper Airplane

This was written back in 2008 — also a leap year — about February. It’s exactly how I feel about March 2016. It must be climate change.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Janet Rimmington of Rose Bay Letters referred to February/March as the Season of F-arch in a comment on one of my February posts. I told her I was going to have to commandeer co-opt that word.


It’s just too perfect not to. So now I have, Janet. Thank you very much.

We’re experiencing F-arch.

Having a F-arch moment.



Forget the ides of March. February is the month I go a little bit crazy. Fortunately, it only has 28 days….most of the time. This year — natch — being a leap year and all, I get 29 days of going a little bit bzzzzzz…hello!

This is the month where I look at myself and go – Ugh! Who wouldn’t in a month the Anglo-Saxons referred to as Solmoneth — mud month. So sayeth Wikipedia.

It’s the month where I definitely tell my stylist to pull out all the stops and give me something funky. Something wild. Something crazy.Crazy Hair

It’s the month I’m most likely to change my eye frames. Yes. Something funky. Something wild. Something crazy. I look back at some of my choices and think, hoo boy. Next year, let’s just rip February right out of the calendar. I’m making some bad choices here.

It’s the month I’m most likely to buy that dress/shirt/jean/shoe/lipstick/cropped pant (Yikes!)/bag I’ll never wear, apply, or carry again.

It’s the month I always contemplate that tattoo I mentioned in another post and a third piercing for my ear. Okay. I admit it. Once I actually considered a belly ring when good ol’ Februar rolled around.

Now, it’s the month I’ll be staring at a Harley-D VRSCDX Night Rod Special® every time I look at the calendar. Birthdays can be fun!

So, do you have a month that makes you go a little bzzzzzz…hello!? Then, step right up and post your comment here. Elen wants to know.

It’s also Rest & Rec Friday. I’ll be writing. And, you’ll be what?


From Feb.roo.ary… (2008)


These are the things I think about when I’m writing.

All the time actually.

And my Throwback Thursday work here is done.



2 thoughts on “#TBT: F-arch…

  1. Ha,ha,ha Feb.roo.ary…I absolutely love the word Anglo/Saxon -that’s me on one side of my family and the other have is French Huguenots. I’m not sure what fixates me on these types of words.

    Your post makes me think of the same Sh*&t different day. Except it same Sh*&t different year. Ba,ha,ha.

    Climate change you say, winter started in March and ended in March – that’s freaky sauce.

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